Origination Services

The Network Authority Carrier Origination Service offers aggregated local DID/DDI inbound Telephone Number Delivery service that transports Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) originated local calls from multiple locations/rate centers. These calls are then terminated at the customer’s softswitch or media gateway.

Over 8,900 USA Rate Centers

VoIP Origination

The Network Authority SIP origination offers aggregated local DID inbound service from over 8,900 rate centers in all states, Puerto Rico and Canada. Optional DID/DDI service is also available from many international locations, upon request.

  • Create “virtual” presence in minutes
  • Replace costly multiple-facility TDM solutions with an aggregated geo-redundant hand-off.
  • Avoid capital expense associated with building your own points of presence.
  • Point numbers to any trunk group/IP address/URI.
  • Register e911
  • Submit Directory Listing (DL) and Calling Name (CNAM)
  • Enable SMS with text-to-911 feature
  • Provision and scale on demand

Local Number Portability (LNP) service is available for all rate centers.

What people are saying!

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with The Network Authority team for over 5 years. Their professionalism and responsiveness is refreshing for our industry.

Sean R: OTT Application Service Provider

Transport toll-free calls originated on the PSTN

Toll-Free Origination

Disconnected number revenue sharing is an easy way to make extra revenue on your unused, idle DIDs (including toll-free numbers). When someone calls an unused number or disconnected number, instead of the disconnected or no longer in service message, users will also be able to opt-in to a service.

Toll free service coverage options include:

  • 48 contiguous United States and Canada
  • 50 United States and Canada
  • Offshore & International Plans

Our Pricing

800-to-SIP Origination pricing is based on the originating geographical area (LATA) and the Originating Carrier (OCN) or we can set-up a competitive Flat rate for domestic and Canadian originated traffic.